Filzi Felti

Filzi Felti is about simplicity and feeling nature’s comfort. Born to be worn. Barefoot.


The sound of the waves of the Baltic Sea, crowing seagulls, pure white sand, forest and moss mats, small fishermen villages… it fascinates and inspires one to create and to feel – to feel the real passion for nature, art and crafts.

A quiet morning on the bench next to the lighthouse of the old port. The wind is blowing your hair and you are wrapped in a woolen blanket sitting with a cup of coffee, but your feet are freezing….

From this moment I knew that our feet deserve something warm, something special and unique. I came up with the idea of creating shoes & slippers from felt.


Filzi Felzi footwear, made in Lithuania is distinguished by comfort and lightness. It is ready to wear for those who like the feel of handmade felt. Calm and natural colors with playful accents. Entirely handmade from natural materials, with only warm water and organic olive soap from southern France.



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Balta Balta Boutique, Pilies Str. 32, LT-01123 Vilnius, Lithuania