Filzi Felti

Filzi Felti is about simplicity and feeling nature’s comfort. Born to be worn. Barefoot.

Filzi Felti footwear presents nonwoven textile handicrafts in the modern world and takes you to the comfort walk along the city streets.

Natural materials of Filzi Felzi footwear gets you closer to the nature. The wool is not processed by chemistry and maintains natural colours. Processed in ancient methods footwear can be worn barefoot and contains the best characteristics. Light, flexible and elastic natural rubber sole from South American tree makes footwear maximum comfortable.

Filzi Felzi shoes you never want to take it off.

The process of making shoes is eco-friendly and handmade in every step of it.




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Baltabalta boutique

                                                                                    Pilies st. 32 Vilnius, Lithuania